Saturday, September 29, 2007

Galaxy Post

From Paniponi Dash, episode 12:
"Captain, you've got a package by Galaxy Delivery. It's from our home planet."
"A package by Galaxy Delivery?"
"It looks like a package from Galaxy Mail Order."
"Oh, it must be what I ordered from Galaxy TV Shopping! Put my Galaxy Personal Seal on the Galaxy Payment Slip and get the package for me."
"But it's Galaxy COD."
"Just go ahead and do a Galaxy Advance for me, will you?"
"But it's before Galaxy Payday. I don't have any money on me..."
"Didn't you just get a Galaxy Advance?"
"I'm sorry... I Galaxy-lost all my money on Galaxy Pachinko, so I'm totally Galaxy-Broke right now."
"You're Galaxy-hopeless, moron!"

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