Friday, December 16, 2011

It's about time!

At long last, Cherry Jam is part of Strawberry Shortcake's section of AGKidzone.  I'm assuming that they put off adding her until this week because in this past episode, she decided to make Berry Bitty City her home for good.  It's not like they had a lot of extra work to do that kept them from adding her.  Clicking on her just brings up a profile blurb, aim icon, a non-existent coloring page (I assume it'll surface eventually) and her music video. For all I know, the video might have been on the site earlier, since every time I checked, I only bothered looking at the front page, assuming that, as the newest video, would be the very first one.  But no, now that it's on the site, it's the last video, on page two.  Why?  Who knows?  At any rate, the music video has been up on The Hub for a couple of weeks now (in better quality), and even SSC's youtube had it before AGP put it up (assuming they only put it up this week).

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