Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thoughts on Cherry Jam's debut episode

  • Not sure how I feel about her southern accent
  • I love all the highlights in her hair
  • I'll need to see a few more episodes to really feel her as a character, but overall, I like her
  • I loved the fangirl outfits the girls wore:
  • Special mention goes to Plum's Lady Gaga-esque hair bow:
  • I find it a little bit odd that Cherry Jam is voiced by Shannon Chan-Kent, the singing voice of Pinkie Pie on MLP:FiM, yet her singing here is done by Victoria Duffield.  Which is probably why I preferred her singing when she was working on the song to her actual performance.  Seriously, Duffield, what is up with the squeaking?


Jennifer Gibson said...

I missed the debut on Hub! I hope they replay it soon. I just did a batch of cookies themed after Strawberry, will have to add Cherry into the mix for the next set I do, lol.

The Zany Bishojo Evalana said...

Don't worry, it's airing again on Friday. Check your local listings.

Raquosh said...

Where can I find these episodes on internet?

Anonymous said...

I don't quite get it, what is your problem with accents? You always complain about them. While it can be cute - for example I especially liked Tangerina Torta's accent in "Happily Ever After". On a sidenote, I've just found that DVD today in a supermarket and I was really glad for it since it's one of my favourite episodes - it was a present for myself on my birthday. ;)

As for accents, you can't expect all cartoons or people to speak perfect English. Plus Cherry Jam seems to have southern origins in the first place, so it's totally right that she has southern accent. (Though I haven't actually heard it, because I haven't seen these episodes - many times I don't even notice accents anyway, since I'm not a perfect English speaker myself.)

I'm sure you'd hate my speech, after all. :D I'm not a good English speaker, since I don't have much opportunity to speak it. Moreover, since I was originally taught British English in school, and then I watched a bunch of American English movies, my pronounciation should be a mixture of British and American, which should be especially annoying for someone who's so sensitive about accents.

The Zany Bishojo Evalana said...

Whoa, hold on a moment. All I said was that I wasn't sure how I felt about her accent. This was her first episode after all, and since Shannon Chan-Kent doesn't have a natural southern accent, I felt that it could end up going either way. That is, the accent might get better or worse, or be annoying either way. As it is, after watching a few episodes with her, I find that I don't notice the accent most of the time, though I'm not sure if that's me getting used to it, or Chan-Kent not making it as strong as it was in this episode.
I'm not sure where you're getting this "I hate accents" vibe. I most certainly do not hate accents, and I can't remember hating on them on my blog. The closest thing I can think of was my commenting on Tangerina Torta suddenly gaining an accent in Happily Ever After when she didn't have one before (and it turned out she had one in her previous appearance and I'd just forgotten, but my point still stands). That wasn't for or against her accent, just pointing out a lack of continuity, as I am wont to do.

Anonymous said...

I see! Sorry, I didn't mean to be too hard. I don't know where did I get it, but I think I've seen you mentioning accents more times, and somehow I got the impression that you really don't like accents. Never mind.