Friday, July 15, 2011

Midmorning Video - Another PMV

If I'd been thinking about it, I would have held off uploading this on youtube until today, being as it's Brony Appreciation Day, apparently.

This one is pure nostalgia for me, since the second Care Bear movie was the one I saw the most as a kid, and I still love all the songs from it. I was actually trying to find a Fruits Basket AMV that was in my favorites on my old account, but no dice.  Anyway, in listening to the song, I could easily fit it to the mane six from FiM, although I had to fudge it a little bit.  I mean, Pinkie Pie fits both Funshine and Cheer (as described in the song, I mean), and Twilight Sparkle could be either Bright Heart Raccoon or Grumpy Bear.  But on the whole, I'm pleased with how this video came out.

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