Friday, May 6, 2011

Crocheted Gift

You may have noticed that April was pretty light on posts, and that I'm not fairly behind in my MLPFiM recaps (the rest are coming, don't worry).  The reason for this: I spent most of my free moments crocheting up a storm, working to finish up a blanket for my nephew's birthday at the end of the month:

(All-Star Blanket from Crocheted Gifts)
It took me ages to find a decent pattern for a kids blanket that wasn't a baby blanket, and that would look good.  For the record, my nephew loves it, and it even matches the rocket ship sheets he got.
One thing that I liked about this pattern was that the squares were all joined together as you go, rather than sewn together at the end.  Sewing things together is my nemesis, hence why my Crochet-Along blanket is still a pile of squares sitting in a bag.

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__L__ said...

Each time I see this blanket : I fall in love :-D I thing I need to buy this book. Your work is just perfect! Bravo!