Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Good News for Me (and others, of course)

Funimation picked up the next batch of Sgt. Frog (aka Keroro Gunsou) episodes ^_^ I've been meaning to talk about this anime for a little while, though it's only fairly recently that I got into it.  I first learned of this series thanks to an online anime magazine known as Anime Fringe (no longer updating, but the back issues are still available), and their review of the manga made it sound interesting, so I made a note to check it out if it ever came to the States.  Strangely enough, when Tokyopop started bringing out the manga, I didn't bother to check it out, though I don't remember exactly why.  Probably just a case of "too much manga, too little time/money."
It wasn't until ADV announced that they had licensed the anime that the series got back on my radar, and even so, it was a couple of years before it actually got released by Funimation, with the first year's worth of episodes split into two seasons on four two-DVD sets.  And it was another year before I finally got around to watching it.  I still have no real interest in checking out the manga, despite quite liking the anime, mostly because what sold me on the anime was the English dub.  Now, usually when I watch anime on DVD, I stick to the original Japanese audio track, only watching the dub if I'm taking screenshots (which is why sub-only releases bug me.  I like to take screenshots).  And it probably would have been the same for Sgt. Frog, but I vaguely remembered a preview episode that Funimation put up on Youtube for the sole purpose of getting feedback on the dub, so I decided to check out one of the episodes (episode two, to be exact).  Which was how I learned that rather than do a straightforward dub, Funimation had opted for a gag dub, complete with gag subtitles, that I often found funnier than the original Japanese, even if it was often times a lot meaner, too.
And that's why I'm glad to hear that Funimation has licensed the third season.  Sure, I would probably have no trouble finding the original Japanese episodes somewhere online, but for me, Sgt. Frog without the dub is hardly Sgt. Frog at all.

And while I'm talking about this, I find it a little jarring to see Saburo with white-grey hair...
 ...when I'm used to him with blue hair, like he had in his cameo in Shichinin no Nana (aka Seven of Seven), which aired before the Sgt. Frog anime.
EDIT: I have only just noticed that he went from blue haired with grey eyes to grey haired with blue eyes.  Hm...

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