Saturday, July 3, 2010

Strawberry Shortcake - Upcoming DVDs

Good news on the SSC front: Amazon now lists the Glimmerberry Ball movie, complete with cover image, but no synopsis (as usual).  And fans of the 2003 version, if you were despairing that the unreleased episodes, shown in other countries but not in the states, would never come out over here, fear not, for after over a year with no new DVDs, the next (technically last) in the series, Berrywood Here We Come, is coming out.  Both DVDs are set to come out on August 31st.  However, Kidtoon Films will be showing Glimmerberry Ball during the month of August (despite it being a winter movie, apparently), so you can catch it early, if you're so inclined.
In related news, AGKidzone finally updated its SSC video page, removing the clips from the old series and adding a couple from Berryfest Princess and the new song from Glimmerberry Ball.

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