Saturday, May 29, 2010


As you probably already know, Mountain Dew recently released three new flavors, one of which will become a full-time flavor, as voted by the people.  They did the same thing a few years ago, with the winner being the blue raspberry-flavored Voltage (which was the one I liked the best, and I still get it from time to time).  When I saw that it was happening again, I was all over it, and I've tried each one at least a couple of times.  However, at the moment I am still undecided.  There are 16 days left to vote, though.
The three contenders are Distortion, White Out, and Typhoon, rather dissimilar flavors and colors, unlike the last time, where the three types seemed to go together well, as they all had a berry kind of flavor (raspberry, strawberry melon, and wildberry) and two blues and a purple.  This time, though, gives us lime, citrus, and punch in green, white, and red respectively.  As I said, I'm still undecided, despite trying each flavor more than once, but I do know for sure that I do not want Distortion to win.  For me, its lime flavor is too strong, giving me the feeling that I'm tasting my fingers after squeezing a lime, which isn't exactly what I want in a drink.  However, neither White Out nor Typhoon has really wowed me, which is kind of a shame.  I really liked all the flavors last time, and while I'm glad that Voltage won out in the end, I would have been happy with any of them.  That's not the case this time.
If I absolutely had to pick, I guess I'd say I'm leaning more toward White Out at the moment, but my husband would prefer I give my vote to Typhoon.  I'm sorry, but Typhoon just tastes too "red," for lack of a better way of putting it.  It tastes okay, but after a few sips it starts to remind me of the generic red drink we had as kids at preschool and VBS.  But White Out hasn't completely won me over, just because, unlike the others, its flavor is too subtle for me.  I drink it and think about how much it tastes like nothing in particular.  In a way, I guess it's like a caffeinated, caloried Fresca, which is a drink that I enjoy from time to time, but with slightly less flavor.  Right now White Out is leading the overall vote, though Typhoon is leading (by an extremely small margin) in my home state, so I sort of feel like voting Red just for that.  But when you get right down to it, I don't want to give my vote to a flavor I only feel halfway about.  In the end, I may not vote at all this time around.  After all, I'll always have Voltage and the original Mountain Dew.

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