Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Christopher Walken as a Cat

I recently discovered a channel on Youtube that has a ton of stuff from the Cannon films library, including trailers for all the movies in the Cannon MovieTales series.  Now, when I was really very young, the Disney Channel used to show the Cannon versions of Hansel and Gretel (of which I only remember Gretel singing "maybe she lives underneath a chocolate tree" and Hansel telling her that doesn't exist, and that the witch turned children into gingerbread people that all turned back to normal once she was defeated) and The Frog Prince (starring Aiden Quinn from the movie version of Annie, and a human-sized frog), although I didn't realize they were made by the same studio at the time.  Nor did I know that the Snow White movie my sisters and I used to rent (which opened with the entire kingdom singing about the snow) was also a Cannon film.  Cannon made a number of these fairy tale films, including Puss in Boots starring Christopher Walken.  For that reason alone I rented it and watched it, seeing as it is available on DVD.  Especially since it's a Mustached Christopher Walken playing the cat.  Or rather, the human version of the cat, since in the Cannon version, Puss can change from cat to human when he needs to, not to mention sing and dance.  Walken's singing is nothing to write home about, but it isn't cringe-worthy, either, so there you go.  The movie itself is servicable, with additions to stretch the story, such as an encounter between Puss and the ogre towards the middle of the film, and a dance at the palace, among other things.  A little bland, but not anything that would drive you crazy if your kid was watching it over and over again.  Plus, Mustached Christopher Walken!  What more do you need?  Also, the miller's youngest son is played by Jason Connery, Sean Connery's son.

The trailer:

Christopher Walken sings and dances:

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