Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Space Pirate Mito Revisted Intro

In 2003, I was a freshman in college.  About ten minutes away by bus there was a little store called Magnum Opus that rented anime exclusively.  And they had everything, seriously.  If it was anime on DVD in the States, they had it.  I checked out a number of series thanks to that shop, including Magic Users Club/Mahou Tsukai Tai! and the series I'm posting about today, Space Pirate Mito.

Space Pirate Mito came out in Japan in early 1999, but started being released in the states by Media Blasters in late 2002 through mid 2003 (they stretched a 13 episode series into four discs).  The sequel, Space Pirate Mito: The Two Queens came out just a few months after the first series ended, but it wasn't released over here until 2007, in a two-disc, sub-only complete collection called Aoi and Mutsuki: A Pair of Queens.  Although I always meant to get it, I didn't actually do so until very recently, when I saw that Best Buy had a Complete Anthology collection which included both series, for only $15.
So I started watching the second series, which picks up a little after the end of the first series, and though I've only watched three episodes so far, I've been filled with the urgent desire to rewatch the original series to pick up on the little things I've forgotten.  (I remember most of it, granted.)  So I've decided to put the second series on hold while I go back (and blog) the original 13 episodes.

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