Sunday, October 5, 2008

Shugo Chara 36 - The Golden Prince part one, aka the Obvious Episode

As I work on catching up with all the Shugo Chara eps I missed over the spring and summer, so far I've gotten up to 36, which I seriously hope is just a filler (two-part) ep, and not an actual story from the manga, simply because of two things:

Okay, see the character on the left?  That's a girl, but apparently she was masquerading as a boy.  It's all revealed in one scene near the end of the episode where her hair came down and Amu was all "Wait a minute, you're really a girl?" and she answered, "Yes, but I disguise myself as a boy because it's easier to move around and serve the titular prince."  And I was all, "She was supposed to be a boy?"  It never even crossed my mind that she was supposed to be anything other than a girl, seriously.

2. Also, after basically stating the same fact at least three times, the prince acts all surprised when Amu suddenly calls him out on wanting to acheive what his father couldn't (find the embryo, btw).  Like his secret was out, and he hadn't been saying "I want to do what my father couldn't" all through the episode. -_- 

I don't know why these things bug me, but they do.

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