Sunday, September 7, 2008

Japan wants Sushi Pack figures!

I was searching blogs on Google, and ran into this post from a Japanese blog about American toys.  Posted just under a week ago, the title is "New American Hero Characters Appear!"  The gist is, the blogger discovered the existance of Sushi Pack, and linked to one of my videos (the first part of Deep Sea Diver Dude).  Here's the translation, in case you're curious.  I changed the format a little, so it won't be all stretched out.

"This time I'll introduce you to "new" TV characters that appeared sometime last year.  But these characters aren't very popular, so far I haven't seen any merchandise (lol).
By the way, these characters are...heroes!  As in, American superheroes!   
Superman, Spiderman, Captain America, Batman..., etc. etc., cool with bursting muscles! There are lots of this image, but this group of heroes is uniquely modeled, and somehow!
somehow! <--stretched out like natto
represents Japan
What am I supposed to feel about sushi resembling heroes? (sweatdrop)  And they're called 
Is this for real?!  It's a situation, but it's true.
That said, today I'll introduce you to a Sushi Pack video. (And then there's my video)
Did you catch the Sushi Pack member's names??  "Tako, Maguro, Wasabi, Ikura" like that.  Simple names (bitter smile)
Superhero Tako!  Sounds crazy-strong!  (I think that means anger)
Isn't there already a Takoyakiman in Japan??? Are we supposed to get the same feeling as that?!
Because ikura is popular in Japan, it's a little surprising character to be made a sushi hero. (I'm kind of fuzzy on this line.) 
By the way, Tako's cousin's name is "Hideki," but where did this "Hideki" come from???  The voice is a girl... (Which is what I said.)
After this, will it be popular??? Perhaps they might become illusion characters???!!! (the kanji can mean either illusion, phantom, dream, or vision)."  The last line just asks you to visit the blogger's store.

So the blogger doesn't seem all that impressed with Sushi Pack.  I should comment to let him/her know that there is merchandise out.  Speaking of comments, there are two comments as of today.  One basically says the poster has seen it, but if figures come out... (mufufu).  The other asks where the blogger saw the show, on TV or Cable, and tells the blogger to let him/her know if they find any figures.  Heh.


GrumpuXShare said...

All I can say is that I wish I could read japanese like you!!! >w<

The Zany Bishojo Evalana said...

Well, my skills are the result of years of practice. Definitely enroll in a class if you're serious about learning a language. I tried learning Japanese on my own and was getting nowhere until I started taking classes.

Miko said...

それとSushi Packのキャラクター商品調べてくださりありがとうございました。