Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Being spoiled

Normally I try to avoid spoilers--big spoilers, I mean. I don't mind little spoilers, like an image or a tiny piece of information. Usually the kind of thing you'd find in a "sneak peek" featurette. Sometimes I even rejoice for snippets of information, like the tiny, tiny clip of Vidia in the upcoming Tinkerbell movie. But I avoid summaries like the plague unless I have no plan to see/read the title in question. And I especially try to avoid finding out about episodes of shows that air in other countries before they air over here. Even if it seems like everyone and their brother is watching the episodes early. This has killed at least two messageboards for me, as I tend to stop going there to avoid being even casually spoiled. Which is what happened on a certain Codename: Kids Next Door forum, where I was hugely spoiled by someone using an image from the big twist of one episode (a rather infamous one) as part of a caption game. After that, and a few other spoilers in places that should not have had them, I had to stop going. And once the episodes did air, I just couldn't get back into the same spirit as I had there before.
Anyway, despite the fact that I try and avoid spoilers, I do give in to temptation sometimes. As I recently did, thanks to Youtube. Lured by the knowledge that Bridget Robbins sings, I watched the (very far off) upcoming episode of Strawberry Shortcake, A Princess Called Rap (A retelling of Rapunzel). Although this episode is approximately 5 DVDs away, it has already aired in the UK and on Playhouse Disney Asia, and someone posted in on Youtube. And that's not the only one, either. Youtube is rife with SSC spoiler episodes. Not that it's hard to avoid them, it's quite easy, really. I don't search for SSC stuff on youtube anyway, so most of the time I don't even come in contact with the spoiler videos. But, being spoiled once generally leads to being spoiled more. And sure enough, while watching A Princess Called Rap, I took a look at the first part of another episode, Sleeping Beauty, because one of the preview images was aged-up Apple Dumpling. I ended up watching the entire first part and part of the second before I resolved not to be spoiled anymore (I could tell where the story was going, anyway). I did see a new character, and Banana Candy being the worst messenger ever, before I left, though.
This whole post is just the intro to a three post series I'm planning on posting over the next two weeks. The first post will be spoileriffic, so if you don't mind, go ahead and read it. But if you don't want to be spoiled, better tune in later.


Prudie said...

Gee, was this my fault?

The Zany Bishojo Evalana said...

In a way, I suppose, although I guess I should have made it clear that I didn't mind being spoiled here (if I really did, I wouldn't have watched it at all).
And don't worry, the other messageboard was for Digimon, so that was a long time ago.