Monday, July 28, 2008

Custard Lives!

As I've mentioned before, there's been an uproar about the (very little) information posted about the latest SSC revamp, mostly based on that article in the Times. One of the things it mentioned (and people got upset about) is that Strawberry traded in her kitty, Custard, for a cellphone. Now, when I read that, I didn't believe it for a minute. While anything is generally possible, I didn't think that Hasbro would remove something so integral to the SSC mythos. And as you can see from the above image, I was right.
Thanks go to Youjo for clueing me into a French SSC forum, where I found the above image, which is taken from a sticker included in a pack of American Greetings Properties stickers, which I'm assuming was distributed at the Licensing Expo back in June.

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