Thursday, December 27, 2007

Sweeney Todd

I saw Sweeney Todd on opening day because, as I often said to those around me, "On my honor as a musicals fan, I have to see it." But I'm going to level with you, Sweeney Todd is not my favorite musical, and not even close to my favorite Sondheim show (that spot goes to Anyone Can Whistle, with Follies very, very, very close behind), so I might have had a better time (or, conversely, a worse time) if I liked it more. But still, I was never bored, so there you go. I was really seeing it just so I could see for myself how bad Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter would be. Really, I didn't have much hope for the movie until I heard Alan Rickman and Timothy Spall were cast in it. And they were both good; even Depp was all right, but Bonham Carter was just as bad as I thought she would be, although I didn't really notice until she was outsung by the kid playing Toby in "Not While I'm Around."

I'm not really going to review the movie, but I just want to say that I thought By the Sea was hilarious, even if I can't stop being bugged by something a review pointed out about it. The real reason I'm even posting is so that I can link to If Mr. T were Sweeney Todd. And that's all.

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